Saturday, 30 April 2005

Celebrity Politics

Letter to the Observer – April 2005

What a sad indictment of British politics it is when a handful of celebrities is compelled to justify the re-election of the tawdry New Labour government - 'Just Labour', Observer letters - 3 April.

It serves to illustrate the level of desperation to which we have politically sunk when we are advised to support an administration whose record - regarding the economy, public services, crime, and social issues & change, after eight years in power - fares marginally better than that under the Tories, or what's on offer from the Lib Dems.

Furthermore just what are these lights of the entertainment world who say that they opposed the illegal war in Iraq thinking? To suggest that the Middle East is more stable after the initial hostilities and then to endorse the man who was, along with George W Bush, jointly responsible for prosecuting them, is folly in the extreme.

And finally, to be duped by the talk of their preferred leader, regarding the most important issue of all, namely Climate Change, while ignoring the fact that their party of 'choice' is actually implementing aviation and road building policies that will exacerbate the problem, shows a collective ignorance of the situation and a complete abrogation of responsibility that beggars belief.

Perhaps it is time for a change, but only of the political climate. It is time that voters stopped looking to the least-worst option on offer at the forthcoming General Election. Instead of choosing between the 'Big 3' parties the electorate should go forth and go Green...

Ashley Gunstock