Friday, 21 September 2012

In The Nick of Time?

Wanstead Police Station - Nigel Cox

Letter to The Wanstead & Woodford Guardian and The Ilford Recorder

Dear Sir

The Green Party endorses the Snaresbrook Conservative Group’s campaign, to ensure that Wanstead Police Station is kept open.

Nevertheless this important local resource has been constantly under threat of closure, in order that policing for the borough maybe centralised at Ilford Police Station, as this coalition and previous governments have continued to make cuts to frontline services.

In view of this we suggest that Councillors Cummins, Goody & Nolan should perhaps make representations to Mayor Boris Johnson at the GLA and ask him to have word with Messrs. Cameron & Osborne, to advise them that removing investment from local policing services is in no way helpful in reducing rising crime rates and maintaining law & order.

Yours faithfully

Ashley Gunstock
Lead Speaker
Green Party of Redbridge