Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Wake up and smell the carbon

The Observer Letters to the Editor 25 September 2013


So in the face of what Lord Stern has stated is 95% of scientific evidence informing us that “human activities are driving climate change,” a recent survey shows that the number of people who do not believe this has now risen from 5% in 2005 to 19% to date. ("Scientists give their starkest warning yet on climate change", front page, last week).

Unfortunately what these Climate Change sceptics, deniers & liars are expecting is that someone will soon come up with ‘the technological fix’ which will solve what is a multi-facetted problem. What is not being realised or accepted is that the technology already exists – in the form of renewable energies – and that what is missing is the global social & political will and framework to employ them. So, in truth, what is really being hoped for is divine intervention.

Nevertheless the maxim which has oft been quoted tells us that ‘God helps those who help themselves’. Therefore we had all better wake up and smell the carbon and accept that we are, in the face of irrefutable evidence, in great part, responsible for the drastic changes in our climate and required to invest in the necessary measures to change our fossil fuelled behaviour pattern to a truly sustainable lifestyle. Either that or we will all just simply have to pray harder.

Yours sincerely

Ashley Gunstock
Leading Spokesperson
Green Party - Redbridge