Saturday, 4 November 2006

Greens march against Climate Change

Members of Waltham Forest and Redbridge Green Party marched through the centre of London to Trafalgar Square to protest against climate change and to urge the Government to act. The rally saw speeches by speakers including Green MEP Caroline Lucas and the writer George Monbiot. The event was organised by the Campaign Against Climate Change and ICount and was supported by the Green Party, it was attended by over 25,000 of people.

Climate Change threatens the very future of human civilisation as we know it and failure to act to will cost thousands if not millions of lives. The last ten years have seen a dramatic increase in the world's temperature and scientists working in the field of climate change believe this is due to the effects of human activity. In fact, scientists are now predicting that the temperature rise will be far more than previously thought. The effects in the UK will be devastating with more flooding and an increase in extreme weather conditions. The effects globally will be even worse as countries are flooded and there is increased starvation due to less land being suitable for agriculture.

Thursday, 20 July 2006

Telecommunications Masts

Letter to Redbridge Planning department - 20 July 2006
Ref. 1601/06 O2 Mast Planning application – Woodford Road

As a representative of the Green Party I write to strongly object to the above referred to planning application.

I consider the site to be unsuitable as this would contravene the tenets of all conservation orders. The planned mast would be a blot on the landscape at any location proposed on The Green – land managed by the Corporation of London for Epping Forest – and an eyesore that would prove to be a dangerous and hazardous distraction for motorists using the Woodford Road; causing further health & safety problems for and from drivers. The erection of the mast would also raise significant safety issues with regard to the number of children playing on The Green and crossing the road on their way to and from Snaresbrook Primary School and Snaresbrook College.

Furthermore, recent studies, expressing concerns about the affects of mobile telephone technology radiation especially with regard to children, have stated that if such concerns were raised over food the government would order it to be withdrawn from points of sale immediately. Residents of the immediate area (myself included) – who will be most affected by the installation of the mobile telephone mast in question – are significantly concerned about the welfare of our young and ourselves in this regard.

Finally the Green Party understands the need for progress and the demand for mobile technology. Nevertheless we urge you to offer more sensitive and appropriate sites at which mobile telephone companies may erect their masts; I am particularly concerned that there has been no attempt at sharing existing facilities, one of which is on the top of a block of flats in very nearby Hermitage Walk.

I look forward to hearing that this application has been rejected.

Ashley Gunstock

Tuesday, 30 May 2006

Local Elections

Letter to Ilford Recorder and Wanstead & Woodford Guardian – May 2006

The Green Party’s wonderful performance at the recent local elections – we now can boast 12 councillors in London, a great many more nationwide as well as a doubling of our vote locally – has prompted me to write, in order to make the following acknowledgements.

First and foremost I would like to offer all the electors who voted Green on Thursday, 4 May our heartfelt thanks, for recognising the integrity of our campaign and showing the true colour of their conviction.

Secondly a great thank you must go to all the electoral officers, counting and polling station staff, who again worked extremely hard – and most effectively – in providing us with a smooth running (and quite painless) election run up and night.

Thirdly I must offer our appreciation to the staff at the Wanstead & Woodford Guardian/Ilford Recorder, for once more granting us such fair and equitable coverage, in recognition of our now being one of the small band of major political parties.

Finally I cannot but pay special tribute to my colleagues who fought such a superb campaign; it is a privilege to be counted as one of their number. Having been invigorated by our recent success, we are all now truly looking forward to fighting the next General Election with a genuine sense of optimism.

Ashley Gunstock