Friday, 30 November 2007

War and Peace

Letter to Wanstead & Woodford Guardian – November 2007

I write in response to the suggestion by Harry Cohen MP that I, as someone who does not wish to get involved in wars, "should be more careful" - Guardian, November 2.

By voting in favour of military action in Afghanistan Mr Cohen supported the onset of events that have seen that region and Iraq blasted into the Stone Age and made the world a much more dangerous place to live in than it was before these disastrous campaigns.

It is true that no one in their right mind would suggest that Osama bin Laden should escape punishment for the atrocities that he has committed, any more than should Saddam Hussein. However Tony Blair riding side saddle with The Toxic Texan - George Bush, on their unilateral adventure into a 'wild east' sunset, was not so much to do with bringing these criminals to account as it is about getting their hands on the vast seams of oil rich reserves that lie beneath - and a strong military foothold in - those regions.

Furthermore the Taliban regime may well have been - as was Saddam Hussein's Baathist Party - "murderous and backward", where "women were harshly restricted and punished and not allowed education." However, that never seemed to bother our governments when they supported these 'allies' with whom they freely traded before 9/11.

In any event it is not seemly for our elected representatives to support of a couple of 'cowboy crusaders' who, in our name, have ridden roughshod over and 'cherry picked' United Nations resolutions and continue to use the grotesque strategy of bombing innocent people, in order to liberate them from oppressive regimes, especially when they themselves are not in the firing line.

As our Member of Parliament, I suggest that Mr Cohen should be more careful when casting his vote in the House on behalf of his constituents in future.

Yours sincerely
Ashley Gunstock

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