Thursday, 29 January 2009

Dreams Can Come True

Letter to The Observer

Dear Sir,

Politicians, especially, of all hues of the political spectrum, would do well to take heed of Andrew Rawnsley's assessment of the predicament facing Barack Obama.

As Mr Rawnsley suggested all people around the globe should rejoice and celebrate the wonderful news that an Afro-American has become a President of the United States of America, without pessimism or, indeed, cynicism.

However, as he also outlined, the weight of expectation - as it was with Nelson Mandela - is great and there are many pitfalls left by the malpractice of the Bush administration that may hamper President Obama in his quest to help make the world a better place.

Therefore, instead of standing back and admiring and/or waiting to see the outcome of Mr Obama's deeds, we should all as of now do all that we can - individually and collectively, at home and abroad - to wake from our present nightmares and fullfil our dreams.

The opportunity of hope that Barack Obama's presidency offers us comes around only once in a lifetime. If we do not strive and make this work, we dreamers of dreams might just as well abandon all hope.

Yours faithfully

Ashley Gunstock
Green Party Prospective Parliamentary Candidate
Leyton & Wanstead

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