Monday, 4 January 2010

Tesco hypocrisy

Dear Mr Yeatman

The Green Party ‘Boycott Tesco’ campaign that I am involved in is genuinely intended to help protect local businesses and preserve the village atmosphere in the Wanstead area, for the benefit of all.

Nevertheless I have been branded a hypocrite by Edwin Northover – the Leyton and Wanstead Conservative Parliamentary Candidate – because I was ‘caught’ shopping in the Leytonstone Tesco store: Anti-Tesco campaigner admits using one of the firm’s other stores (Guardian December 21). It appears that the cause of Mr Northover’s outburst is the pressure that he and his Tory Councillor colleagues must be feeling, due to the looming General and Council elections. I am therefore flattered that I am deemed a threat to their forthcoming political aspirations.

In any event I have never denied that I shop in supermarkets. In fact throughout our campaign I have always made it absolutely clear that I believe that the supermarket and, incidentally, the car (that I also make use of) which have been in existence since the 19th century are part of the fabric of (and have a place in) our society. The fundamental issue here – which should not be submerged by personal attacks – is that there is no need for yet another supermarket in a thriving high street, such as the one that we are fortunate to have in Wanstead.

In light of all this I am sure that the supermarket giant will appreciate that I must decline its kind invitation to shop in its Wanstead store: Tesco statement rubs salt in wound for campaigner and Tesco offers olive branch to campaigner (Guardian December 24 & 31) and that our ‘Boycott Tesco’ campaign in Wanstead will continue.

Yours sincerely

Ashley Gunstock
Leading Spokesperson
The Green Party – Redbridge


  1. Seems Wansteadium got his links in a muddle.
    Try this one.

    Wanstead anti-Tesco campaigner hits back

  2. Oops. That's embarrassing. Thanks for putting it right.

  3. mmm... well you do look a bit of a [word removed] for shopping there after what you said

    how will you regulate who gets to build which supermarket and where?

    besides, in a "thriving high street" there ought to be room for one more?

  4. Oh, dear, anonymous. You just don't get it, do you? It's a question of supplying the need and not demanding to supply.

  5. I am disappointed with the apparent lack of interest in Leyton by all but the LibDems. Does no one care about our High Street and the new Tesco Direct that has opened?
    Or the environmental impact of proposed Olympic regeneration funds?
    Wanstead is obviously the more desirable part of the Leyton & Wanstead constituancy, but I am so very disappointed that I have yet to receive any information from the Green party in Leyton or see any mention of it in recent post by the local Green Party representative for this area.
    I am not a natural LibDem supporter, but I am sure they will win many people over purely because they seem to be the only party that cares about issues that affect the quality of life of many Leyton residents, and are the only visible party in the area.