Friday, 30 May 2008

Road Safety and Urbanisation

Letter to Wanstead & Woodford Guardian – May 2008

The Green Party wishes to congratulate the local residents’ group, which successfully campaigned for a pedestrian crossing in Snaresbrook Road.

This scheme – which has the backing of Waltham Forest Council and the offer of funding by Transport for London, to the tune of £120,000 – has now (after some objection) been given the go-ahead by The Corporation of London, which manages the land that part of the crossing is to be built on.

The Green Party, as does the Corporation, always seeks to protect, preserve and conserve green spaces. However there is a school on one side, along with an entrance to the Forest on the other, of this busy stretch of road where motorists often exceed the speed limit. We therefore feel that common sense has prevailed and are delighted that this road traffic safety scheme is finally being implemented.

As Greens we too wish to halt the spectre of ‘creeping urbanisation’, which looms large over us all. Nevertheless this is a good road traffic calming measure which, we believe, would be inclined to encourage people to walk more and use congestion and pollution causing cars less and thereby be of good value to all parties concerned.

Yours sincerely
Ashley Gunstock

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