Monday, 28 July 2008

Green Candidates support the Compassionate Charter

Both Ashley Gunstock, the Green Party’s candidate for Havering and Redbridge, and Aled Fisher, the Green Party’s candidate for North East London, have given support for the Compassionate Charter produced by the animal rights group Animal Aid.

The Charter promotes eight practical and achievable goals, which will benefit animals, people and the planet. They are: purchasing only cruelty-free cleaning products and toiletries; banning circuses with animals from council land; banning pets as prizes; promoting and subsidising spaying and neutering programmes; stopping the sale of foie gras and veal; speaking out against fur; adopting only the humane, non-lethal management of pigeons and other animals and birds; and making their towns a plastic bag-free zone.

It is a fundamental belief of the Green Party that animals have the right to live free from suffering and harm caused by human exploitation and believe that this right must be properly protected in law. The Green Party opposes all forms of factory farming and the fur trade, campaigns for an immediate ban on all sports that involve cruelty to animals and advocate the ending of animal experimentation.

“The Green Party strongly supports animal rights” said Aled Fisher, “I believe these principles should not only be adopted by councils but also by the GLA” added Ashley Gunstock.

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  1. "The Green Party will hold the balance of power."

    It's nice to see you still have a sense of humour Ashley.