Tuesday, 29 July 2008

Leadership Statement

GP Leader Candidate statement - Ashley Gunstock

If you are looking for a Leader – who will unite the Green Party in preparation for government – then I am the ideal candidate for the post.

Now in my twentieth year as a GP activist, I have continually promoted the fundamental values of the Party and worked hard to help these to evolve with the continual changes that affect our society. This has enabled me to more easily express to all, regardless of their original political persuasion, the need to embrace our Green vision for the future. Such long-term thinking has ensured that my vote has risen by 50% at each recent Council, GLA and Parliamentary election.

As GP Leading Spokesperson in Redbridge I am regularly consulted by the borough’s residents, campaigning groups, opposition Councillors and the media, as I was when a member in Barnet.

I am a committee member of: Fairtrade Redbridge, about to receive its accreditation; LA21 and FoE groups, with whom I influenced borough recycling and planning improvements and peace, anti-war & anti-fascist movements, seeking my Green Party endorsement.

Lately I was instrumental in ensuring that the Council, TfL and The Corporation of London implemented much needed road traffic safety measures (especially for the elderly and school children) and am at present involved in the ‘Tube re-zoning’ campaign that I established to start making travel on the London Underground more affordable.

In Barnet I was active on the Homeless Action committee – which oversaw the building of a day centre for the homeless – and remain Chair of Barnet Green Co-op, having been largely responsible for setting up The Green Room Environmental Centre.

All this has been achieved mainly due to excellent communication skills, acquired during my 30 years experience as a professional Producer, Director & actor and teaching & FA coaching in a variety of schools, attuning me to what is happening with today’s youth. This invaluable ability coupled with my assured knowledge of our Green agenda enables me, authoritatively and confidently, to maintain successful dealings with the televisual media and also appeal to the readerships of both broadsheet & tabloid press.

Therefore if you are looking for true leadership – based on compassion, knowledge and an understanding of the make-up of the electorate, our membership and our agenda, which must be delivered with resolute confidence – I urge you to elect me as Green Party Leader.Contact details – Telephone: 020 8530 3900 or 07989 255061 or e-mail

July 2008


  1. Hello Ashley - welcome to the Green blogosphere... good luck!

  2. Any Ladies considering standing for Deputy?
    You never know, Adrian may be left High and Dry.

  3. Good luck Ashley, you face a huge uphill battle but you do have my vote for Green leader. I am happy someone has chosen to put themselves forward and there is a challenge to Caroline.

    Sutton Greens member.

  4. Only 20 years??? What were you doing in 1987 that was so important you couldn't have joined a year earlier?

    Good luck Ashley

    Darren Johnson

  5. Hello,
    I've been a member of the Green Party for long enough to have voted in 2 previous principal speaker elections and I keep on nearly voting for you, because I suppose that a proffessional actor should be good at communicating. If you would put a video leadership statement on Youtube or something then I could actually see you speak and decide whether or not this is true. Also, the fact that you haven't already taken this obvious step suggests to me a lack of electoral know-how.

  6. Dear Anon,

    I am not aware of any other candidate for MPS in the last few years taking this step. However, I was at the Hustings for MPS in 2006 and they were video taped and available on the Party website. This and the 2007 hustings, plus hustings for the London List may still be available on the members section of the website. If you contact HO they should be able to tell you and give a reference.

  7. Can Ashley clarify the double-negative in this quote from
    http://www.politics.co.uk/news/opinion-former-index/legal-and-constitutional/feature-green-party-leadership-election-$1234509.htm :

    Not as funny as the term 'Green member of parliament' though, and that's exactly what Ashley Gunstock, former star of The Bill and – yes - candidate for Green party leader is planning if he wins the vote. One more funny thing though – if it does happen, he thinks it'll be his opponent.

    "I can see us having an MP and I wouldn't be surprised if it's not Caroline Lucas in Brighton Pavilion," he says.

    "I think they could well elect someone with as high a profile as Caroline."

  8. As Ashley is an English Teacher I suspect it is a case of bad reporting.

    But thanks for the tip. I'll add a post - Blog Manager

  9. Just decided I'll vote for Ashley!

    Nick Foster Bristol East